Mixing the Digital and Physical in New Ways

Augmented (AR) and Virtual (VR) Reality markets are expected to reach over $100B in 2021 (DigiCapital, Jan. 2017). They are aggressively pushed by Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, considering them as a “a big idea, like the smartphone. It is that big, it’s huge!” (Tim Cook, Apple CEO, Feb 2017).

Adshir is set to lead these markets need for great graphics, with an innovative game-changing graphics technology.

People are using today AR primitive tools… Tomorrow, AR is going mix the digital and physical in new ways”

(Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, April 2017).

… The superimposed content over the real world must appear so realistic and integrative to be part of the real-world scene.

For AR/VR graphics, Zuckerberg’s “new ways” refer to the Film ray tracing graphics, the only technology today that can display photo-realistic images indistinguishable from reality (see the “Avatar” movie). Unfortunately, ray tracing is one of the most complex computer applications. Producing a single frame may take hours using high-end cloud computing, at a very high-power consumption.

Adshir’s realtime innovative AR ray tracing technology, enables graphics quality in AR, previously possible only within the animated film industry.