The breakthrough was achieved following 4 years of extensive research dedicated to reducing traditional ray-tracing complexity by multiple orders of magnitude. In LocalRay the costly traversals and reconstructions of acceleration structures are replaced by Dynamically Aligned Structures (DAS), a proprietary software mechanism based on graphics pipeline, for radical reduction of complexity.

The software solution is:

  • Protected by a strong portfolio of 10 issued Patents and 10 pending Patents
  • Highly defensible IP to exclude market entrants
  • Developed from the ground up, 100% proprietary
  • Designed for PC, Tablet and Mobile VR/AR applications

Conventional Ray Tracing

LocalRay™ raytracing

Our Product

LocalRayTM – A software development kit (SDK), designed for AR and VR applications, fully compatible with the popular AR/VR engines, such as: Unity, Unreal, ARKit and ARCore.

For pre-order, quotes, discounts and questions please contact us before March 1st 2018.