See LocalRay outperforms the #1 Ray-Tracer by over 150X !

The video demonstrates the breakthrough performance and high quality of Adshir’s LocalRay ray tracing technology for Augmented Reality. Comparison is made with a state-of-the-art ray tracer. Both run on the same platform.

Stage 1: Concept Video
An augmented reality of a walking dinosaur using a computer pre-rendered scene. Produced by a commercial ray tracing workstation (offline).

Stage 2: Comparative Video Demo
Generating a full animation cycle of an augmented walking dinosaur. Note the accurate reflection. Todays #1 ray tracer vs. Adshir’s LocalRay:

(i)   Redshift ray tracer (21.5 minutes);

(ii)  Adshir’s LocalRay (8 seconds).

Stage 3. Full Demo
LocalRay executes the entire walking cycle in real-time, augmented onto a pre-rendered scene. Note the accurate reflection and shadow.

Adshir’s LocalRay is the only real time AR ray tracing engine, outperforming the most popular ray-tracing engine today by 164x.

Yes, it’s the the same quality